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Weck Laboratories is a SCAQMD LAP certified lab for testing Lead in Ambient and Source samples by Rules 1420/1420.1/1420.2 and VOCs by Method 304 in coatings.

SCAQMD Rules 1420/1420.1/1420.2
These rules aim to protect public health by reducing emissions and ambient air concentrations of lead from facilities that use or process lead-containing materials including, but not limited to primary or secondary lead smelters, foundries, lead-acid battery manufacturers or recyclers, and lead-oxide, brass and bronze producers and thereby reducing the exposure to lead, and to help ensure attainment and maintenance of the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Lead.

SCAQMD Lab Method 304 (EPA 24)
This method determines Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in various materials and coatings.  The sample is analyzed for percent weight of volatiles, water, and exempt compounds. In addition, the density of the sample is determined. The VOC content of the sample is calculated and expressed in units specified by the requirement of the relevant SCAQMD Rule.

South Coast Air Quality Management District Approval

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