Proficiency Test Results

Weck Laboratories, Inc. participates in all mandatory Proficiency Testing (PT) programs required under the different certification programs. The most common are Water Supply (WS), Water Pollution (WP), Hazardous Waste (HW) and Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Radiochemistry (RAD) PT samples that are each analyzed twice per year.  Every year, over 1600 individual parameters are analyzed as blind samples and results processed by a certified third party PT provider that sends the results to the different accreditation agencies for review. In addition, the laboratory participates in other non-mandatory and special PT programs and Round Robin studies. These include NDMA at low levels, 1,4-dioxane and low level perchlorate PT studies, client specific blind samples and internal PT samples ordered for parameters that are not part of the standard Proficiency Testing programs. Copies of results of PT studies are available by request.

Percision Accuracy

Proficiency Testing (PT) Data last 6 years (2007 - 2012)

Program Weck Score Attempted Acceptable Attempts/Year (Avg)
Potable Water (WS)* 97% 3524 3420 587
Wastewater (WP) 99% 3961 3903 660
Solids-Hazardous Waste 97% 4145 4008 754
Microbiology 100% 643 641 107
  Average: Totals:    
  98.25% 12273 11972 2108
* - Includes Radiochemistry

Weck Laboratories analyzes an average of over 2100 analytes as single blind samples per year and the results obtained show a high level of accuracy for the different programs.  All non-acceptable results are subject to corrective action and problems are resolved to prevent future occurrence.

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