The Work We Do Has A Direct Impact On The Environment

Weck Laboratories, Inc. is an analytical laboratory performing testing primarily on environmental samples and also on food and consumer products. Our analytical chemists and laboratory support personnel are aware that based on the work we perform decisions are made that can have a direct impact on the environment and may affect human health and animal/plant life.

The results of our analyses are used to assess the quality or level of contamination in various media such as:  finished drinking water, potable water sources, flora & fauna in the environment, soil and groundwater site remediation, hazardous waste classifications, food products and consumer products.

Conserving Resources

We operate our business in a manner that is good for the business bottom line by avoiding unnecessary expenses but also good for the environment.  Conserving resources and reducing waste is a routine task in different areas of the laboratory.

Recycling, where appropriate, is done throughout the laboratory by recycling glass, plastic, cardboard and paper on a daily basis.

The laboratory has been designed specifically for laboratory operations and has all the features necessary to conserve electricity such as solar panels, high efficiency lighting fixtures, timers to shut lights off when not in use and motion sensors to turn them back on, thermostats on HVAC systems and automatic shut off when not in use on computers, copier, and some lab equipment.  The recent installation of solar panels to roof surfaces reduces reliance the external electric power grid.  Our current plan is the placement of solar panels to the main lab roof and the addition of multiple carport structures with solar panels.  The surface area is 502 panels covering 10,540 square feet with a projected annual power output of 108 megawatt-hours!  The completed project will supply about 33% of our current annual power requirements.  The project is about half done and is producing a projected 47 megawatt-hours providing 14% of our power needs.

Go Paperless

Personnel are encouraged to conduct communications via e-mail onscreen and print only when it is absolutely necessary.  The computer systems and data storage have been upgraded significantly in the last few years to accommodate a mostly “paperless” operation. All raw data from instruments is saved electronically in PDF files and the data review process is performed by supervisors on computers with upgraded dual screen monitors. All sample documents are saved electronically and accessed by analysts from their workstations. Fax related paper waste is also eliminated by using a fax-modem that allows documents to be sent directly from a computer thus eliminating paper copies.

Weck Laboratories strongly encourages clients to go “Paperless” which means that they receive communications, reports, invoices and other documents in an electronic format with several formats available.  In this way, the documents are received immediately by the client without waiting for hard copies via US Mail.  They are also available for download from our secure website.  When hard copies are required, they are printed on 30% to 35% recycled paper. Whenever permitted, proposals and other documents are printed double sided to reduce paper usage.

Saving On Water Usage And Reduction Of Chemical Waste

All laboratory personnel are trained to close water taps tightly after use and to report any leaks to management for repairs. Landscape irrigation is carefully programmed to conserve water. Toilets within the facility are all water efficient models.

All standard operating procedures for analytical methods include a section where proper handling of chemicals is discussed.  Waste is reduced by minimizing the amount of chemicals, reagents and standards used in the test procedure.  Where possible, the minimum possible quantity is purchased to reduce the volume of waste disposal of un-used & expired chemicals.

The analytical methods in the laboratory have been adapted to use approved methods that require less hazardous chemicals.  Some analyses have even been phased out by methods that use non-hazardous solvents for testing for example EPA method 418.1 which uses Freon, an ozone depleting chemical, has been phased out and replaced with EPA method 1664 which uses hexane, a more benign chemical for the environment.  Some extraction methods have been updated to use 90% less solvent by using solid phase extraction procedures.  We currently recycle acid at the laboratory and will implement a new procedure for recycling used solvents. During evaporation processes, solvents are collected whenever possible to reduce air pollution.

Employing more efficient extraction procedures and analytical methods, less amount of sample is necessary for testing, reducing sample waste and transportation volumes.  The Laboratory disposes of laboratory wastes, both Hazardous and Non-Hazardous by procedures that comply with all of the requirements of the State of California and the Federal Government, as well as NELAC and other regulatory agencies.  Our accredited and certified waste hauler also recycles certain wastes from the laboratory.

Continuous Improvement

Weck Laboratories is constantly looking for areas or procedures where resources can be further conserved and to facilitate sustainable operations for the benefit of the community and the environment.



Community Contribution In Education And Jobs

Weck Laboratories has been a strong believer of facilitating job opportunities and training for young people. Since the early 1990s Weck Laboratories has worked with educational institutions to foster an environment of economic and personal growth and development through local high school, university and community participation.

We have provided training and employment opportunities in the areas of Accounting, Customer Service, Sample Receiving and Lab Technicians.

We have created job opportunities for higher education and high school students through the following programs.  Los Altos High School Career Center located in Hacienda Heights, CA is a local high school in the community.  At the Career Center, we place several ads a year soliciting students seeking entry-level employment as office assistants.  In addition we have worked with La Puente High School to give work opportunities for chemistry students.

We participate in the Cooperative Education Program at the California Polytechnic University located in Pomona, CA to provide internships for chemistry students.  At Cal Poly we also provide high school teachers analytical laboratory experience which they take back to their classrooms, enriching their chemistry lessons.

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