Drinking Water Analysis

Asbestos (sub) EPA 100.2
Chlorine Demand SM2350B
Corrosivity Index, Langelier Various
Cyanide EPA 335.4
General Mineral Group Various
General Physical [Color, Odor and Turbidity] EPA 110.2 / 140.1 / 180.1
Hexavalent chromium Cr6+ EPA 218.6
Inorganic Chemicals Group Various
Nitrite, Nitrate, Nitrite+Nitrate EPA 335.2/300.0
Perchlorate, IC EPA 314.0
Perchlorate, low level by LCMSMS EPA 331.0
Regulated and unregulated Trace Metals, ICPMS EPA 200.7 / 200.8
Heterotrophic Plate Count SM9215B
Total Coliform + e. Coli by enumeration (Quantitray) SM9223B
Total Coliform + e. Coli by presence/absence (Colilert) SM9223B
Total Coliform - speciation BioMerieux API 20E
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
123-TCP by GCMS-SIM low levels  SRL-524M-TCP
Trihalomethanes (THMs) EPA 524.2
Trihalomethanes (THMs), Maximum Potential EPA 510.1
VOCs - Regulated and Unregulated compounds EPA 524.2
Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOCs)
1,4-Dioxane (isotopic dilution) EPA 8270M
Acrylamide, low-level by GCMSMS EPA 8316
Aldehydes EPA 556
Chlorinated Herbicides EPA 515.3
Dioxin (2,3,7,8-TCDD) EPA 1613B
Diquat and Paraquat EPA 549.2
Diuron and Linuron EPA 532 / 632
Endothall EPA 548.1
Glyphosate EPA 547
NDMA and other Nitrosamines (isotopic dilution) EPA 1625M
N-Methyl Carbamates Pesticides EPA 531.1
Odor compounds (Geosmin and MIB) by GCMS SPME SM6040D
Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs EPA 508
Semivolatile Organics - Adipates, Phthalates, Pesticides, other EPA 525.2
Disinfectants & Disinfection By-Products (D/DBPs)
Bromate, Bromide, Chlorate, Chlorite EPA 300.1
Carbon, Dissolved Organic (DOC) SM 5310B
Carbon, Total Organic (TOC) SM 5310B
Chloral hydrate, Chloropicrin, Haloacetonitriles, Haloketones EPA 551.1
Chloramines, total SM 4500 ClO2 D
Chlorine Dioxide SM 4500 ClO2 D
Chlorine, Residual EPA 330.2
Haloacetic acids (HAA5) regulated and full list (HAA9) EPA 552.2
Haloacetic acids, Maximum Potential EPA 552.2
SUVA EPA 415.3
Trihalomethanes (THMs) EPA 524.2
UV254 SM 5910
Gross alpha EPA 900.0
Gross beta EPA 900.0
Radium 226 (sub) EPA 903.1
Radium 228 (sub) EPA Ra-05
Radon 222 SM 7500Rn
Uranium EPA 200.8
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule
Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products (PPCPs) by LCMSMS EPA 1694M
UCMR1 Phenols EPA 528
UCMR2 List 1 Explosives EPA 529
UCMR2 List 1 Flame Retardants EPA 527
UCMR2 List 2 Acetimide Pesticides EPA 525.2
UCMR2 List 2 Herbicide Degradates EPA 535
UCMR2 List 2 Nitrosamines EPA 521
UCMR3 List 1 Volatile Organics EPA 524.3
UCMR3 List 1 Synthetic Organic Compounds (1,4-Dioxane) EPA 222
UCMR3 List 1 Metals EPA 200.8
UCMR3 List 1 Hexavalent Chromium EPA 218.7
UCMR3 List 1 Oxyhalide Anion (Chlorate) EPA 300.1
UCMR3 List 1 Perfluorinated Compounds (PFOS/PFOA) EPA 537
UCMR4 Metals EPA 200.8
UCMR4 Pesticides EPA 525.3
UCMR4 Semivolatiles EPA 530
UCMR4 Alcohols EPA 541
UCMR4 Microcystins & Nodularin EPA 544
UCMR4 Anatoxin & Cylindrospermopsin EPA 545
UCMR4 Total Microsystin (ELISA) EPA 546
UCMR4 Haloacetic Acids (HAA9) EPA 552.3
UCMR4 Total Organic Carbon SM 5310B
UCMR4 Bromide EPA 300.1
UCMR 5 PFAS  EPA 537.1
UCMR 5 Lithium EPA 200.7
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