Connecting to Wecklabs via File Tranfer Protocol (FTP) using Window Explorer


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is possibly one of the simplest, fastest, and safest ways to transfer a large and/or multiple files from one computer to another.

Many of our customers need to receive large volumes of electronic documents.  Traditional methods of sending data involves a CD or DVD and the good old postal service; however in an age of technology and digital communication this form of moving data carries additional costs, and most devastatingly reduces productivity for both parties.

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to use Microsoft Windows built-in FTP feature already installed on your PC for FREE!

FTP Access using Windows Explorer

Typically unknown, your operating system comes pre-installed and ready for simple FTP transfer now.

In this section of the tutorial we will cover the simple steps of connecting to Wecklabs FTP through Windows Explorer. This tutorial will use screen shots from Microsoft Windows 7 however the same instructions are acceptable on Windows XP, 8, 10, and likely later versions of Windows.


  1. First, you need to open Windows Explorer.  Open "My Computer" by double left clicking on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop or also accessible from the start button (Bottom Left).
  2. A new window will open, as shown below
Windows Explorer WindowWindows Explorer window

In the address bar at the top of the new window (currently named "Computer") you will need to type in the FTP Server address that you have been supplied.

That address would be

push [Enter] after you have typed the address into the address bar.

The follow screen will appear in a moment, requesting a username and password.  Type in the username and password that you have been supplied.  Your username and password is the same information used to access the laboratory's website.

Logging onto FTP server using Windows ExplorerLogging onto FTP server using Windows Explorer

Once you have entered your valid username and password, click [Log On] and your computer will make the connection to our FTP service.

Congratulations. You have just established an FTP connection with a remote computer and you can start transferring files.

Moving Files Using Microsoft Explorer

Once you have logged into the server, you will be presented with a window that should look very familiar to you (Shown Below) when browsing your files on your computer.

Drag and drop interfaceDrag and drop interface

In the main window you will see all of the files available on our FTP site pertaining to your account; these files can be simply transferred from the FTP server to your own computer by either copying and pasting or dragging the files into a folder on your PC.  Unfortunately, you will not have access to upload documents to the laboratory's FTP server.  If you wish to send us a large document, please let us know so we can find out the best way to receive it.


If you need access to Weck Laboratories FTP server, you will need to contact your Project Manager to setup your account.  Contact information can be found under the contacts tab.  There is no setup fee and the service is FREE.  If you have access to the laboratory results website, you already have access to the FTP server.  If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback about the FTP server, please contact technical support at

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