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Weck Laboratories, Inc. is a certified environmental analytical laboratory, with more than 50 years of experience, dedicated to high quality analytical service that addresses environmental concerns over dozens of industries across the United States. From sample collection to data verification and reporting, we put special emphasis in Quality Control operations to assure the integrity and defensibility of the analytical data provided to our customers in an efficient, fast and accurate way to all testing requirements.

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Laboratory Expansion

With continuing success in business growth, we have recently built out more space on the second floor for records retention and sample container storage. Our current effort converts the original upstairs area into office space. Read more

Free Cyanide Methods

EPA acknowledged the challenges of cyanide analysis and sample preservation and in May 2012 amended 40 CFR Part 136 to add additional methods. Weck Labs received CDPH NELAP approval for test method OIA-1677-09 on November 14th, 2013. Read more

Hexavalent Chromium Hold Time

CA-ELAP updated the hold time for Cr6 in drinking water by EPA 218.6 to 14 days, which is a significant change from the previous 24 hour holding time. They have also recommended that samples be preserved in the field per EPA 218.7. Read more

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