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Hello my name is Bryan Dinh
I am the IT Manager at Weck Laboratories, Inc.

In this video, I will show you how to connect and use the wecklabs FTP service with Windows Explorer on Windows XP.  I believe this process should be very similar under Windows 7, 8, and future versions of Microsoft windows.
For those who do not know what FTP is and... what it does. It basically allows users to download multiple files such as final reports and EDD files quickly and easily as opposed to the website.

Lets go ahead and get started.  Click on the start button and My Computer.  In the address bar, type in "".  And now it is going to ask you for your username and password.

You would want to use the same username and password that you use for the Weck Connect Website.  If you don't have an account with us, please contact your Project Manager and they will be happy to set one up for you provided that you meet the requirements.  Their contact information can be found on our website under the contacts tab.
Now lets go ahead and use the demo account for this purpose.
Now click on Log On.  And now we are connected to the FTP.

In this section, you would have a list of all the company folders that are assigned to the account.  Lets go ahead and click on "Weck Demo Client".  Next you will see four folders.  Lets just go ahead and click on the "All" folder.  And in this folder you will have a list of all work order folders that are assigned to the "Weck DEMO Client".

The naming convention for the work order folder is split into three sections.  The first section is the wecklabs work order number, second section is the SDG number, and in the last section, you'd have in parentheses, the status of the work order.

Lets go ahead into the work order folder and in that folder you would have all the files that are related to the work order.  So you'd have the...EDD, report, your invoice, your COC, your SRA.  And now I want to download these files to my desktop so I will just restore this window here and make my desktop available and I will just simply drag and drop these files out to my desktop like so.  And in just a few seconds...I should have all the files that I want to download.  Lets open these files to verify... and they look good.  

Ok, lets go up one folder.  Oh, I also want to remind you that you can also download the whole folder.  So if you wanted to save a little bit more time there, you can download the whole folder there like so.  And then...and as well in a few seconds you should have everything, all the contents of the work order folder... And there you go.

Now I am going to go folder, back to the next folder I want to explain, which is the "Invoices" folder.  The "Invoices" folder contains all of the invoices that are assigned to the "Weck DEMO Client".

The next folder is the "Projects" folder and this folder will organize all of the work order folders into their... into their respective project folder.  So under this account there is only one project which is the "Web Demo Project" so lets go ahead and click on that.  You should notice that these work order folders... again there's only two... that are assigned to the "Web Demo Project".

OK, now lets go up to the next folder which is the status folder.  In this folder, you should have a list of all the statuses that are...of work orders that you have in your account.  You might see Reviewable, Reportable, Received.  Well in this demo, we only have Completed.  And if you click on Completed, you have a list of work order folders that are completed.

That concludes our video.  I hope this service provides a great benefit to your organization and thank you for watching.
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