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  1. Schedule project with Weck Laboratories, Inc. & order bottles
  2. Check supplies upon receipt
    • Inspect the sampling kit and read the laboratory instructions carefully
    • Preservatives
      • Sampling containers may contain a preservative
      • Do not rinse them prior to sample collection
      • Do not add preservatives to the sample unless specifically instructed
  3. Schedule courier and sampling to meet holding-times
  4. Fill containers per provided protocols
    1. Carefully choose the sampling point. In most cases locate a sampling tap that is after treatment (if
      present), but prior to entry to the distribution system.
    2. Collect the samples immediately prior to shipment to the laboratory.
    3. Remove attachments such as a hose, filter, screen, or aerator from the tap.
    4. Flush the tap for more than 10 minutes or until the water temperature becomes stable. This helps ensure a representative water sample.
    5. Carefully follow the instructions for filling the sample container
    6. Different types of samples have different requirements
    7. Do not touch the inside of the cap, and do not over-tighten
    8. Fill all extra containers - they are for quality control
    9. Complete the Chain-of-Custody form and repeat steps 4.1 for additional samples
  5. Packaging
    • Pack the containers to avoid breakage
    • Samples must be kept at or below 6 degrees C but not allowed to freeze
    • Cool them with sufficient ice (2 lbs ice per lb of sample) or (16 lbs ice per gallon of water)
    • To protect samples from breakage or freezing, packing materials such as bubble bags should be
    • Ice should not be used as a packing material, since it will melt and leave space, leading to breakage of the bottles during shipping
  6. Refrigerate until shipped or picked-up
  7. Include the “Chain-of-Custody” form enclose in a “Zip-Lock” bag and tape to underside of the cooler lid
  8. Ship Cooler to Weck Laboratories, Inc.
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