Total Cyanide by Flow Injection and Amperometric Detection - ASTM D7511-09

Feb 15

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OI Analytical - Cyanide

Weck Laboratories has received NELAP certification for a new Cyanide method in wastewater matrices from the California Department of Public Health. The new method, offers lower detection limits, and fewer interferences than in the routine EPA 335.4 method currently employed. On April 17, 2012 the USEPA Administrator signed a Method Update Rule (MUR) approving new methods for analysis of NPDES wastewater samples. Six ASTM methods covering sampling, preservation and analysis of free, available and total cyanide are included in the MUR. USEPA approval of ASTM D 7511-09e2 allows labs to analyze samples for total cyanide without a preliminary 2-hour acid distillation step. The instrument uses in-line UV digestion to dissociate metal-cyanide complexes and measure total cyanide in minutes. Read more...

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