PCB Congener analyte list expanded from 28 to 56 congeners.

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PCB CongenerAssessment of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination in environmental media has traditionally focused on Aroclors, which are commercial mixtures of PCB compounds. However, congener-specific analysis, of individual PCB compounds, is more applicable where degradation and/or weathering may have occurred. Since congeners with higher molecular weights tend to bioaccumulate and biomagnify to a greater degree, quantitation of individual congeners is more accurate than estimating the Aroclors when evaluating potential adverse effects to ecological systems. The toxicity of PCBs is congener-specific and therefore risk assessments are more accurate when based on congener data. More info: http://www.clu-in.org/download/contaminantfocus/pcb/analysis-of-pcb-congeners.pdf

Weck can report two lists of congeners. The short list of 28 congeners includes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) & World Health Organization (WHO) lists and an expanded list of 56 congeners. PCB Congener cross-reference table.

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