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Activated Carbon Weck Labs provides the following suite of test methods to determine the remaining life of in-use carbon material for removal of hydrogen sulfide:

Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Capacity ASTM D6646 Indicates the performance of activated carbon used in odor control applications, such as sewage treatment plants, pump stations, etc. ASTM D6646 determines the relative breakthrough performance for removing hydrogen sulfide from a humidified gas stream under laboratory conditions. Breakthrough capacity is determined by passing a stream of humidified air containing 1% H2S by volume through a sample of granular or pelletized activated carbon until the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the effluent gas reaches 50 ppmv.

Moisture, Percent ASTM D2867 The moisture content of activated carbon is often required to define and express its properties in relation to the net weight of the carbon. A sample is put into a dry, pre-weighed capsule and weighed. The capsule with sample is opened dried in an oven to constant weight. The capsule is closed, cooled in a desiccator, and weighed again. The percent moisture is calculated from the weight lost.

Apparent Density ASTM D2854 Density is used to determine how much weight to order to fill a specific volume in a treatment vessel. A measurement of the volume packed by a free fall from a vibrating feeder into a 100-mL graduated cylinder and the weight of this known volume. 

Activated Carbon Property Test Method
Apparent Density ASTM D2854
H2S Breakthrough Capacity ASTM D6646
Moisture, Percent ASTM D2867

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