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Activated CarbonDo you need to verify the quality of new activated carbon before purchase? Do you need to determine the remaining life of in-use carbon materials to avoid a premature and costly replacement? Contact the experts at Weck Laboratories who can provide you with independent, third-party quality control analyses. Download Services Info Sheet.

Activated Carbon Property Test Method
Apparent Density ASTM D2854
Ash, Percent @ 650 deg. C ASTM 2866
Ball-Pan Hardness ASTM D3802
Butane Activity ASTM D5742
H2S Breakthrough Capacity ASTM D6646
Partical Size Distribution & Mean Particle Diameter ASTM D2862
Moisture, Percent ASTM D2867
pH Value EPA 9045C
Iodine, Triple Point ASTM D4607
Volatile Matter Content ASTM D5832
Water Soluble ASTM D5029

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