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Aug 1

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NEMCEduardo Morales of Weck Laboratories presented a poster on August 6th thru 10th, at the NEMC Washington D.C. conference on the research topic: Stability Assessment of Organophosphorous Pesticides During GCMS Analysis in the Presence of Analyte Protectants and Frequently Used Organic Solvents.

An endless battle when performing GCMS analysis is the assurance that the integrity of the analytes will not be compromised upon injection or while in solution. However, due to the effects of chromatographic enhancement and analyte stability, a wide variety of analytes affected by this are miscalculated and reported with skewed results. In this study, the stability of a number of organophosphorous pesticide residues under the presence of different solvents (toluene, methylene chloride, ethyl acetate and hexane) for GCMS analyses were evaluted. An assessment was made of the effects of an assortment of analyte protectants (d-sorbitol, olive oil, 3-ethoxy-1,2-propanol, glycerol and L-gulonic acid, y-Lactone) on a diverse group of phosphorylated pesticides, particularly pesticides containing thioether (R-S-R') functionalities such as disulfoton, demeton-s, demeton-o and phorate. A range of matrices were selected (water, honey, fruit juice) to further study the stability and diversity of these solvents and analyte protectants.

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