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Weck Laboratories, Inc. now offers Assimilable Organic Carbon - SM 9217B with a 10 ug/L reporting limit. This biological assay quantifies the amount of AOC by indirectly measuring the population yield of two types of bacterium P. flourescens (P-17) and Aquasprillium (sprillium strain NOX). Bacterial enumeration is measured by spread plating (SM9215C) on R2A agar. Reporting units obtained will be in CFU/ml which can then be converted to ug AOC/L using the pre-established empirical yield or derived yield.

The biological stability of treated drinking water has been investigated extensively through several benchscale and pilot-scale studies. Since the promulgation of the surface water treatment rule (SWTR) and the total coliform rule (TCR) in 1989, significant attention has been transferred from the water quality in the plant effluent to the water quality in the distribution system. In a comprehensive study for the American Water Works Association Research Foundation of coliform regrowth in water from 31 full-scale water treatment plants, LeChevallier et al (1996) identified several factors associated with coliform occurrences, such as the presence of filtration, temperature, disinfectant type and concentration, AOC concentration, the application of corrosion control, and operational characteristics.

The AOC test can provide water system managers with an indication of Bacterial Regrowth Potential (BRP) and biofilm build up in water distribution and storage systems.

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