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Jan 30

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Weck Laboratories, Inc. has obtained NELAP accreditation with the State of Oregon (ORELAP) as primary accreditation due to the withdrawal of the State of California from NELAC effective January 31, 2014. Weck Laboratories, Inc. has a current NELAP certificate from California which expires on 10/31/2014; however as of 1/31/2014, California is no longer a NELAP-recognized Accreditation Body (“NELAP AB”). In the effort to maintain the highest possible level of accreditation, Weck Laboratories has been granted accreditation by ORELAP in accordance with NELAP Standards (Certificate 4047) and in addition, has requested the transfer of all the parameters previously accredited in California under NELAP to their ELAP certificate 1132. This will allow Weck Laboratories to perform environmental analyses of compliance samples in California, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, and with limited scope, Guam and New Jersey. Please contact the QA Manager for more accreditation information.

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