Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry (PMI) Wastewater Monitoring

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facility effluents are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency's standards for wastewater discharges as specified under Pharmaceutical Effluent Guidlines in 40CFR439. Conventional and non-conventional pollutants are listed under four industrial process categories: Fermentation, Extraction, Chemical Synthesis & Mixing, Compounding or Formulation.

The guidlines require a special analytical procedures for volatile organics by isotope dilution GCMS which is published in method EPA 1666A. Certain volatile, water-soluble organic compounds do not purge well from water and are analyzed by direct aqueous injection while the remainder are analyzed by the purge & trap introduction technique. Weck Laboratories now offers both purge & trap and direct injection analysis for PMI-VOCs by EPA 1666A. Compound list.

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