EPA 1640 Ultra-Trace Metals by ICPMS

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Ultra-Trace Metals by ICPMS

EPA 1640, ug/L
Analyte Preparation MRL
Aluminum Column 1
Antimony Reductive 0.2
Arsenic Column 0.05
Barium Column 0.2
Beryllium Reductive 0.05
Cadmium Column 0.01
Chromium Reductive 0.3
Cobalt Column 0.01
Copper Column 0.01
Iron Column 1
Lead Column 0.01
Molybdenum Column 0.05
Nickel Column 0.01
Selnium Column 0.1
Silver Cobalt 0.05
Thallium Reductive 0.05
Tin Column 0.05
Titanium Column 0.1
Vanadium Column 0.05
Zinc Column 0.2

Column - Column Repconcentration

Reductive - Reductive Coprecipitation

Cobalt - Cobalt Coprecipitation

Determination of Trace Elements in Water by On-Line Chelation Preconcentration and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry. Weck Laboratories has expanded the target metals list from 14 to 20 elements! Three sampl e pre-treatment options within the method employ co-precipitation, reduction or ion exchange pre-concentration. These steps remove the dissolved solids matrix while concentrating the target analytes. This sample preparation significantly reduces interferences and enhances the detection limits. The column preconcentration technique is applicable to most of the elements and employs an iminodiacetate functionalized chelating resin column in an on-line pH buffered system. It is the most efficient option as sample handling is minimal.


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