Caliper Life Sciences’ AutoTrace® SPE Workstation

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Caliper Life Sciences’ AutoTraceA perfect complement to high-speed analytical tech- niques, the AutoTrace SPE is a powerful, high- throughput workstation dedicated specifically for automating Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) for sample clean up. The AutoTrace automates the cartridge conditioning, sample loading and elution steps for large volume aqueous solution extractions (up to 2000ml's) traditionally used in environmental sample analysis. The unit can process up to six samples in parallel, automatically conditioning, washing, and eluting SPE cartridges with a choice of up to five reagents. The unit also segregates aqueous and solvent waste using separate waste lines for efficient, cost effective waste handling. Primarily used for environmental water analysis, the unit is designed to automate the requirements of standard US EPA water analysis methods, as well as other sample clean up methods. Weck is dedicating this workstation for UCMR2 preparations.

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