Weck Labs’ Method Changes

Apr 1

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Weck Labs' Method Changes
Parameter Discontinued EPA Method Standard Methods version
Color, Units 100.0 2120 E
Cyanide, Total 335.2 4500CN C, E
Cyanide, Amenable 335.1 4500CN C, E, G
Total Suspended Solid (TSS) 160.2 2540 D
Total Settleable Solid (SS) 160.5 2540 F

Almost all of the methods that are being dropped are USEPA methods, especially those in Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes and there will be no equivalent USEPA methods to replace them. Laboratories accredited for these methods will need to switch to an equivalent non-USEPA method (e.g. Standard Methods). Weck laboratories has been using the latest versions of available & approved methods. However, since some of the EPA methods have been discontinued, Weck will be changing to the equivalent and approved Standard Methods versions of the above methods to comply with the Method Update Rule.

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