Fumigants Method Change from EPA 504.1 to 524.3

May 27

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1,2-Dibromoethane, also known as ethylene dibromide (EDB) was used primarily as an anti-knock agent in gasoline along with fumigation of grain. 1,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane, (dibromochloropropane) better known as DBCP was used primarily as soil fumigant for nematodes. These two compounds have traditionally been analyzed by EPA method 504.1 which employs a laborious solvent micro-extraction followed by gas chromatography separation and electron capture detection (GC/ECD). Positive results require a second column or GCMS confirmation. The improved EPA method 524.3 is an automated, direct purge & trap extraction followed by gas chromatography separation and mass spectral detection (GCMS). This improved analytical technique offers the benefits of protecting the environment by eliminating the use of solvents, enhanced precision and accuracy of results by automation of the extraction step and elimination of the confirmation step by direct use of mass spectrometry for detection and quantitation. You can find the improved method on our ELAP certificate at FOT 104.055. EPA 524.3 method provides the same detection limits as EPA 504.1:

Method RL, ug/L MDL, ug/L
EDB - 524.3 0.02 0.0011
EDB - 504.1 0.02 0.0029
DBCP - 524.3 0.01 0.0039
DBCP - 504.1 0.01 0.0042

Sampling will utilize the same 40 mL VOA vials except amber instead of clear and the same 14 day holding time but with a different preservative as specified in the new method (ascorbic/maleic acids instead of thiosulfate). New bottle orders will be fulfilled with the new preservative and these incoming samples will be analyzed by the new method.

Please contact your project manager if you have any questions about the change in method. Trip Blanks (duplicate) are required per sampling site, not per sample. Example: three samples in one area will require only one pair of Trip Blanks while two samples taken from different areas will each require their own pair of Trip Blanks. Only one of the Trip Blanks are analyzed in the pair, the second in the pair is an extra for back-up purposes.

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