Volatile Fatty Acids

May 27

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Volatile fatty acids (VFAs) are important elements in controlling the anaerobic digestion process. It has two important roles: decomposing organics and generating gasses, methane and carbon dioxide. When both decomposing and generating occur continuously and completely, oxygen demand decreases. VFAs are monitored for process control in anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants and at environmental remediation sites for progress of in-situ decomposition of organic site contaminants whether using natural attenuation, bio-stimulation or bio-augmentation processes. Weck Laboratories can test for the following organic acids by GC/FID analysis at 10 mg/L:

Formic acid
Acetic acid
Propionic acid
Butyric acid
Isobutyric acid
Valeric acid
Isovaleric acid
Hexanoic acid
Isocaproic acid
Heptanoic acid

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