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The fourth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 4) requires approximately 6,000 Public Water Supply systems to participate in monitoring for 30 chemical contaminants between 2018 and 2020 using newly developed analytical methods approved by EPA. This monitoring provides a basis for future regulatory actions to protect public health. Weck Laboratories has developed all of the required methods for compliance with the rule in-house and holds full approval from the Environmental Protection Agency. Over the last 15 years, Weck Laboratories has provided analytical support for all previous cycles of the monitoring rule: UCMR1, UCMR2 & UCMR3 including method development and holding a direct contract with USEPA for UCMR2 small systems. For a quote or technical information on our analytical capabilities,please contact sales@wecklabs.com

UCMR4 Contaminants Assessment Monitoring Methods
Metals (Ge/Mn) AM1 EPA 200.8
Pesticides (9) AM1 EPA 525.3
Semivolatiles (3) AM1 EPA 530
Alcohols (3) AM1 EPA 541
Brominated HAA (9) AM2 EPA 552.3
Cyanotoxins – Total Microcystins AM3 EPA 546 (ELISA)
Cyanotoxins - Cylindrospermopsin and Anatoxin-a AM3 EPA 545
Cyanotoxins - Microcystins and Nodularin AM3 EPA 544
TOC AM2 SM 5310B
Bromide AM2 EPA 300.1


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