Aquatic Herbicides

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Aquatic Herbicides

Aquatic herbicides are chemicals specifically formulated for use in water to kill or control aquatic plants. They are applied directly to the target plant or dispersed within the water for the purpose of treating invasive weeds. However, many of these herbicides have found use in treating many types of invasive plant species-not restricted to aquatic plants. These herbicides tend to have rather long half-lives, especially in groundwater or in soils. Herbicides approved for use by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been reviewed and are considered compatible with the aquatic environment when used according to label directions. However, some individual states, impose additional constraints on their use.

Weck Laboratories now analyzes the following five routine target compounds in water by EPA method 553M. Additionally, twenty-eight other herbicides and insecticides can be analyzed by this technique.

Target Compound Reporting limit, ug/L
Fluridone 0.5
Imazamox 0.5
Imazapyr 0.5
Penoxsulam 0.5
Triclopyr 1

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