ASTM D6646 - Determination of the Accelerated Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Capacity of Activated Carbon

Apr 1

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4/1/2009 4:00 AM  RssIcon

Carbon This method compares the performance of granular or pelletized activated carbons used in odor control applications, such as sewage treatment plants, pump stations, etc. The method determines the relative breakthrough performance of activated carbon for removing hydrogen sulfide from a humidified gas stream. This test method is intended to evaluate the performance of virgin, newly impregnated or in-service, granular or pelletized activated carbon for the removal of hydrogen sulfide from an air stream, under laboratory test conditions. A humidified air stream containing 1 % (by volume) hydrogen sulfide is passed through a carbon bed until 50 ppm breakthrough of H2S is observed. The H2S adsorption capacity of the carbon per unit volume at 99.5 % removal efficiency (g H2S/cm3 carbon) is then calculated.

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